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Boat Carpet: DECKadence Synthetic Marine Carpet

Boat Carpet: DECKadence Synthetic Marine Carpet

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What is DECKadence?

This marine carpet for boat looks like plush boat marine carpet. But it’s actually this special synthetic spooled soft flow-through material.

At Decked Out Factory, we make Deckadence marine flooring that’s quick dry and cushy on the feet. Best of all, we install them without glue or snaps required!

They’re the perfect carpet for boats marine carpet. They make a good bang for your buck.

Practical and easy to maintain. Soft and stylish. No marks left behind.

Our high-quality boards are hard to beat!

Deckadence Flooring: Marine Grade Carpeting

DECKadence Marine Flooring is exactly what you need to level up your boating experience. Its innovative design and features make it a terrific choice for boat owners like you.

Here are a handful of reasons why you should this boat carpet:

Soft and Comfortable

DECKadence flooring is made of a proprietary blend of PVC resins. It is more comfortable to walk on than traditional boat carpets. Long-term use of the former results in wear and tear, which could be a nuisance.

Non-Slip and Secure

Water can cause surfaces on boat decks to become slippery. Therefore, your boat carpet of choice should be secure. DECKadence floors are slip-resistant and provide traction even in wet conditions. It’s a perfect add-on safety feature every boat owner should invest in.

Fast drying

Not only is it non-slip, DECKadence enhances your and your guests’ safety with its quick-drying material. This marine boat carpet is designed to allow water to flow through it. It also helps ensure your boat is always in its tip-top shape.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning your boat is part of the job. But you can make it a lot easier with the help of this boat carpet. DECKadence is stain-resistant making maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Additionally, it’s UV-resistant. It won’t fade or degrade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Saltwater exposure, as well as other harsh conditions, are no problem for DECKadence. With long-lasting materials that can withstand harsh conditions, your boat’s new flooring can stand the test of time.

Quick To Install

DECKadence flooring usually has a fuss-free installation process–especially in the hands of experts. This boat flooring comes in interlocking tiles or rolls.

If you want to upgrade your flooring as soon as possible, we can make it happen. We’re the marine carpet installers who can help elevate your boat to the next level.

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