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Boat Flooring Types - What suits my boat best?

Boat Flooring

Boats are a way of life for a good number of us. For some families, their association with boats goes back generations. For these people, boats form an integral part of family living or they can be important recreational objects for those looking to wander into the sea for a while. 

Just as some people have a rich history with boats, boats have also come a long way in terms of construction, sophistication, and technology. Modern seafaring vessels are tough, really tough. And yet, however tough they may be, there are still potential areas for accidents to occur. 

Without the proper boat decking and matting options in place, among other things, the risk of moisture-related slip and fall accidents happening increases drastically. Appropriate flooring for boats is also necessary to protect wooden flooring and increase its lifespan in the face of heavy foot traffic and exposure to natural elements. And last but not the least, decking and matting provide some of the things that make life on the boat such a pleasure like comfort, aesthetics, and personalization. 

The above and more is the reason why we make it a case in point to offer yacht and ship owners top-class decking and matting options for the benefit of their vessels and the people who walk on the deck every day. 

What is Boat Decking Flooring? 

Traditionally, boat decks have been laid in a tropical hardwood called teak. This wood measures up well to the harsh marine environment under which a typical sea vessel operates. Teak itself is a capable and quite brilliant decking material. They are typical beautiful to look at, age well, and will give years of service if properly laid out and well looked after. 

However, there exist some drawbacks which are not minor. Teak does turn silver-ish with time. Although it must be said that some owners like this about teak, even though it might not fit in well with the overall color code of the boat. Another issue is that teak is susceptible to staining from fuel, oil, and grease. And care must be taken when cleaning chemical spills to avoid damaging the grain. Finally, there may also be issues with shrinking and water damage. 

Teak and real wood remain popular choices, especially for decking larger vessels. But these are expensive and tricky options to lay correctly. After years and years of extracting teak trees, they are not scared in the woods. Thankfully, there are alternative types of boat flooring, some are well below the quality teak offers, while others claim superior quality.

Hence, boat manufacturers are increasingly turning to alternatives to teak. Many of them are synthetic teak lookalikes. Most of them claim better performance, application, and durability. But the ultimate question still lingers: What boat flooring is best for my boat?  Surely, we have a definitive answer to that. 

Boat Decking and Matting Options Offer Best Value

Despite does improvements as claimed, nothing beats the pros of custom-made boat decking and matting for your boat. Because no matter the current state of your boat's decking, you can still leverage the added protection, comfort, and performance on offer by our flexible deck and flooring options. That is before we talk about the unlimited color combos and custom design options available for your boat. 

Major Pros of Upscaled Decking and Matting Options

Below are some reasons why our decking and matting options can provide added value and protection for your sea vessels.

  • Unlimited Color and Custom Designs 

Have you ever seen a boat and wondered how can I get custom boat flooring? Envious of what you’ve just seen?

There’s no doubt that the trip becomes even more beautiful if your boat has the looks to match. With the opportunity to decorate your boat with our numerous color options and create custom designs like logos, you can give your boat a new face and increase its resale value in one go. 

  • Improves your Safety

Not just you but your kids, family, and anyone else who operates on your boat are much safer with our decking and matting options which increase stability. We have a collection of non-skid floor coverings and decks even when they are wet. The high grip nature of the E.V.A decks provides greater stability every step of the way. Which is just the safety insurance you desire when out with your family or hosting important meetings on the deck. 

  • Comfortable in the Heat 

The perfect outing on a boat includes everything else and a sunny sky. But you have to be able to deal with the heat accordingly to be confident under the sun. 

As you know, aluminum and wooden decks absorb so much heat that they can make your feet so uncomfortable. You need a deck or mat surface that can help you make the heat work in your favor, in addition to the smooth and soft touch underneath your feet. 

We also help you pick darker colors which help you retain more heat if you live in the colder regions. While brighter and lighter surfaces are recommended for sunny regions where you want less heat underneath your feet. 

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

One of the major cons of teak and real wood decking is the challenging nature of the installation. And it is also a maintenance nightmare because they easily accumulate dirt. 

All the above problems are practically nonexistent with our custom deck and mat options for your boat. Our E.V. surfaces do not accumulate dirt. And they are also easy to install without adhesives. Maintenance-wise, they are a dream because they can be easily removed to be washed, dried, and put back. This durability and ruggedness ensure many years of service and partnership in your adventures. 

  • Beauty and Sophistication

The boat is like a second home for many boat lovers. And like home, we want our boat to be a proud reflection of ourselves. Always asking the question: What boat flooring looks the best?  Our boat decks and floor coverings follow some of the biggest trends of modern boat decor: elegance, sophistication, and simplicity.  


Get the tone correctly, the design functional, and your boat beautiful. Whatever your style is, the best boat flooring you can get is something put together by our team after careful examination of your requirements. We have got many possibilities to make your boat beautiful, secure, and comfortable. What boat flooring is the most cost effective? You don’t have to worry too much about cost. We promise value – real value for your money. 

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