Can MarineMat be installed over non-skid floors?

Yes it can! When we design the kit we do our best to get the outer edge of all mats outside the border of the non-skid to help ensure a good seal. If we have to piece in mats on a non flat outer edge, its possible the Marine mat will peel up.

Can I install the Snap-It-Series if I do not already have snap in carpet?

Absolutely! Our skilled crew will just need to install the male (stud) portion of the snap into the deck of your boat. We will drill very small pilot holes in order to get the stuff into your boat.

How do I clean my new MarineMat?

Cleaning MarineMat is very easy. In most cases a quick rinse with a hose keeps it looking great. You can also wash it the same way you typically wash a standard boat deck. For more details, please check out our MAINTANCE GUIDE!

How long will my MarineMat last?

MarineMat is very durable, formulated to be outside and endure the elements. MarineMat has a 3-year warranty with our company against defects but can last much longer than this with proper care. Keeping your mats covered when you are not using them will extend their life considerably. You should treat them similarly to the way you treat your vinyl seats or other soft materials in your boat.

Is it possible to use both Stick-It-Series and Snap-it-Series in the same boat?

It is very popular for us to supply some areas of the boat with Stick-It-Series mats and other areas with Snap-It-Series mats. For runabout boats we usually do the exterior areas like swim platforms and bow hatches with Stick-It-Series mats and the cockpit floor with Snap-It-Series. It is totally up to you.

How long will it take to get my boat done?

Great question! We know every day you miss out on the water is a bad day, so we are here to keep those days to a minimum for you. Day 1 we will go SCAN you boat for dimensions & create your ready to go file. This will only take us a few hours, so we can knock it out and you can get back to boating! We then have to get your CUSTOM marine mat colors, texture design created. These mats are custom heat adhered down at the marine mat facility in Florida with their patented adhesive. This will take 2-3 weeks to arrive to our location. Once in, we will either go to you or you can bring your boat to us! BOOM! within one day your boat is done! So long story short, your boat will not have to be down for more than a day. Although, it is suggested you wait a day post install to let your new MarineMat "sit".