Collection: Custom Truck Accessories - Mats, Trailgate Pads & Running Board Step Pads

Get ready for more fun and outdoor pursuits. The open road packs a lot of thrill, adventure, and freedom. But it’s not always comfortable and safe.

Our exclusive line of custom truck accessories is tailored for your trucks. They’re made from durable, high-quality materials that can withstand the harshest conditions.

Rain, shine, snow, or heat? We've got you covered with durable, long-lasting accessories that will protect your outdoor equipment and truck bed. Choose anything from custom floor mats to custom running board accessories below:

Adventure-Ready Convenience

At Decked Out Factory, we understand each outdoor adventure is unique, so your truck should match your needs. We have specially designed foam pads and mats to make your boating adventures more convenient.

Whether you're hauling paddle boards, kayaks, bikes, or ski poles, our custom truck accessories can ensure your precious cargo arrives in good shape and ready for some fun.

High-quality. Unmatched Durability. Tailored To Your Specifications.

Just as no two adventures are alike, neither are pickup trucks. This is one reason our custom truck accessories are far superior to generic items you’ll find in an outdoor store or specialty shop.

Let’s take the case of floor mats.

Custom truck floor mats are vehicle-specific, ensuring a perfect fit in terms of size, thickness, and shape. Our floor mats are made from high-quality materials. You can expect more durability, comfort, and resistance to wear and tear. And the design and extra features (ex: anti-skid backing) are up to you.

Universal floor mats, on the other hand, focus more on versatility. But the size, look, thickness, and other features are standard-specific. If you buy one, you’ll have to adapt it to your vehicle by means of trimming and cutting.

The same applies to the rest of our custom vehicle accessories, including tailgate pads, tailgate liners, running board covers, and many more.

Simple and Safe Adventures

With our custom truck accessories, you don't have to fight with straps and reposition your gear before leaving home and once you reach your destination. With a custom running board for trucks, tailgate pad/tailgate liner and other personalized accessories, the loading and unloading process becomes hassle-free.

It doesn’t matter if you use the truck for boating, mountain biking, or any other activity, you’ll get to hit the slopes or the water as soon as possible. All without having to deal with cumbersome logistics.

Aside from simplifying your excursion, Decked Out Factory understands how expensive outdoor equipment is.

We’re here to provide your tools with the loving care they deserve. Our custom running boards, foams, and mats aren't just about convenience; they ensure the safety of your equipment. Our products will keep your gear firmly in place during transit, eliminating the risk of damage or shifting. Note: You can secure your bikes even more with bike racks.

Explore our range of custom vehicle accessories. Let our team of experts help you create the perfect custom truck accessory for your needs. Your next outdoor adventure awaits. Contact us today.