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Custom Trucks Step Running Boards Step Pads - Set of 2

Custom Trucks Step Running Boards Step Pads - Set of 2

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We can just about do anything custom for your truck, jeep, or SUV. Email in what you want to add for custom, and we can quote you. This price includes a basic design, on a 6mm 2 color pad ( two layer color )

Need something quoted? Contact us today!

Featured in the photo is a "tri- color". The product we have listed to purchase, will be a 2 layer, not 3. Contact us for a 3-color quote.

Benefits of Custom Running Boards for Trucks 

Are your step bars just not cutting it? It’s about time your trucks and jeeps match your expectations. Here are the extraordinary benefits that come with our custom side steps for trucks to rev up your driving experience. 

Wheel-to-Wheel Coverage. Engineered with wheel-to-wheel coverage, running board step pads extend the entire length between the front and rear wheels. Passengers can conveniently reach the truck bed’s corners without limitations. This is particularly handy when loading and unloading cargo or accessing tools.

Heavy-Duty Construction. Side steps for trucks are the trusted companion for drivers who expect nothing less than the sturdiest support. Crafted from high-quality materials like stainless steel, they can withstand the rigors of challenging conditions.

Face off-road terrains, adverse weather, or heavy-duty usage. All without worrying about your truck running boards’ reliability, longevity, and resilience over time.

Enhanced Accessibility. No more awkward entries and exits. Truck side steps running boards are designed to enhance accessibility for passengers of all ages and mobility levels. Enjoy the ease of getting in and out of your truck with a design that prioritizes your comfort.

Sleek Design. Step boards for trucks feature sleek designs for functional and aesthetic purposes. Beyond their practicality, these truck accessories contribute to your vehicle’s visual appeal.

The running boards or nerf bars’ clean lines enhance its exterior. They provide a polished and modern finish that complements its overall design.      

Custom Options. Step plates for running boards come in various colors and design options to match your unique style. Choose specific materials and finishes, or even add your dream custom running board features. Let your truck steps reflect your laid-back style and the adventures that lie ahead.

Don’t let standard truck running bars put a cap on your adventure. Life’s too short for the ordinary—deck out your with us today!

Why Decked Out Factory? 

Decked Out Factory is a family-owned business that brings a personal touch to everything we do. We’re a community of adventurers and enthusiasts who live for the road. Thus, we understand your accessory-related frustrations—a lack of personalization, quality, and seamless integration with your lifestyle.

Our custom side steps for trucks are a serious upgrade that turns heads on the highway. Take it up a notch with us. Shop our black powder coated and multicolor step pads for running boards today.

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