Custom Cooler Pads

Keep Your Cool in Style: Custom Foam Cooler Pads

Cut In-House

Deck out your custom cooler pads for a precise fit with our in-house cutting system. We only use top-of-the-line decking foam material. You’re sure to get a precise fit for maximum durability and insulation.

Highly Customizable

Get your Yeti® cooler pads custom with whatever you can dream up. You can decorate it with your last name, the American flag, hunting, fishing, business logos, and more!

Don’t worry about your cooler size and brand. Our designs are available for all.

Check Out All Cooler Pad Designs!

Made with pressure-sensitive adhesive, our customized cooler tops provide a comfy, slip-resistant surface to sit on. Use your Yeti® or RTIC® coolers as a seat or a tabletop—anytime, anywhere.

Maybe you’ve been browsing cooler pad designs for so long, but can’t find one you like. We can help you come up with an RTIC® or Yeti® cooler top pad design you’ll love.

Check out below how you can design your own to make a statement. For other cooler brands, don’t fret. Drop us a message to deck out your top!

At Decked Out Factory, we design cooler pads that bridge functionality and design. We offer our customers the best of worlds by using the best tools and materials.

Custom Cooler Pad Categories

Shop by category. See our glorious designs and find the best one that matches your boat’s vibe.

Why Deck Out Your Cooler Top Pads?

Cooler pads not only add style and personality to your cooler, but they’re also functional.

Our custom cooler mats keep your drinks cold and your cooler in tip-top shape.

Deck Out Factory takes pride in providing high-quality cooler top pads. We only use marine-grade materials superior to regular SeaDek cooler pads. Made of EVA foam material, we ensure your cooler pads can withstand UV rays, saltwater, and other harsh conditions.

Why settle for a generic cooler top pad when you can have one that's built to last and custom-made for you? If you’re an absolute outdoor enthusiast or frequent boater, decking out your cooler top pad is a must. Deck out yours today.

Top-notch Comfort