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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Boat Swim Platform

You’re all set for a day of fun in the boat. But when it’s time to clamber in and out of the water, the task is no easy feat! Don’t let the hassle spoil your excitement.

In this guide, we’re here to turn your water adventures into a breeze with a boat swim platform. We’ll go over everything you need to know about selecting materials, size, safety considerations, and some pros and cons. Read on.

What Is A Boat Swim Platform?

Boat swim platforms are extensions at a boat’s stern that create extra space right above the water’s surface. Boat owners often use these for lounging or as a launch point for water activities. These platforms are usually made of fiberglass, aluminum, or custom teak wood.

Are they worth the investment? Short answer: yes.

Having swim platforms for boats makes it much easier for everyone to get into and out of the water. A stable platform at the water level means there’s less risk of slipping on wet surfaces. Best of all, it also removes the hurdle of climbing back onboard.

Swim platforms are the ideal spot to unwind, soak up the rays, and listen to the soothing sound of the waves. Here’s how to select the best one for your boat.

How To Choose The Best Boat Swim Platforms

Consider the following factors before purchasing: platform materials, size considerations, and whether retrofitting is possible. This ensures seamless installation and enhances safety while in use. 

Picking The Right Material

Your boat swim platform’s longevity and performance depend on the raw materials used. They offer varying degrees of durability, resistance to harsh marine conditions, and maintenance requirements. 

Fiberglass, for instance, is a go-to choice for its durability and low maintenance. But if you’re often in saltwater environments, aluminum offers lightweight advantages and is resistant to corrosion. Finally, custom teak wood adds timeless elegance but requires more upkeep.

While you’re deciding on the material, don’t forget some safety considerations. Consider incorporating:

  • Non-slip surfaces to minimize the risk of accidents, especially when the platform gets wet
  • Handrails to help those entering and exiting the water
  • Safety ladders or swim steps to aid in re-boarding

Weigh your preferences, budget, and desired aesthetics to find the best material that fits your boat and your boating lifestyle.

Size Considerations

A properly sized swim platform would not impede your boat’s handling or performance on the water. For a larger boat, extended swim platforms offer more space for relaxation and water sports. Conversely, a narrower one may suit fishing enthusiasts because of its larger deck space and easier access to fishing gear.

If you have an extra budget, some manufacturers offer specialized swim platform ultra designs. These premium options aren’t only available in various sizes and shapes to suit your boat’s specifications. They’re also engineered with advanced technology, such as hydraulic lift systems, LED lighting, and integrated swim ladders.

Retrofitting: Is It Possible?

So, your boat doesn’t have a swim platform, and you’re considering adding one. But here’s the thing: not all boats are a good fit for retrofitting.

Some boats with flat or recessed transoms may not have adequate space or support for secure installation. Meanwhile, other hull designs may not be able to handle the platform’s additional weight, compromising stability.

Large swim platform on boat

Consult with professionals or boat experts like The Decked Out Factory to assess your boat’s overall structure. It doesn’t matter if you own a Sea Ray, a Bayliner, or other boat types. A boat swim platform provides a safe way to see if retrofitting is possible without making costly mistakes.

Not sure if adding a boat swim platform is worth the upgrade for your boating experience? Let’s dive into the pros and cons.

Pros & Cons Of Boat Swim Platforms

All boating accessories have pros and cons—we all just have to find those that suit our needs best. On the positive side, swimming platforms for boats enhance your and your passenger’s safety. They also expand your boat’s usable space, offering a comfortable area for fishing, snorkeling, diving, and paddleboarding.

However, the platform increases the vessel’s overall weight and changes the stern’s weight distribution. Installing one might slightly affect your boat’s handling and fuel efficiency. That’s why some boat owners may prefer a classic look without it.

If you firmly believe that it’ll enrich your on-water experiences, don’t worry. Proper installation is key—and we at The Decked Out Factory are ready to help.

Decked Out Boat Swim Platforms

Well, congrats! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to choose the perfect custom boat swim platforms for your waterborne escapades.

Let’s maximize the platform’s benefits while minimizing its impact on your boat’s performance and aesthetics. We’ve got you covered with the finest materials around. And we’ll help you find the perfect fit for all your boating needs.

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