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How Your Custom Cooler Can Elevate Outdoor Experience

Experiencing the great outdoors becomes sweeter with the perfect gear at your disposal. It's crucial to have a reliable cooler whether you attend tailgate parties or camp out. Your cooler can enhance your outdoor experience in more ways than one.

Ditch your decade-old cooler. In this article, we’ll dive into the extraordinary world of custom coolers. From tailgating to camping, we’ll help you see why and how custom coolers can turn your fun trips into comfortable getaways.

Standard vs. Custom Coolers: Which Is Better?

Manufacturers make standard coolers to keep food and drink cold for a couple of hours. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right?

Although a perfectly functioning standard cooler gets the job done, most designs leave owners wanting more.

Custom coolers take the benefits of their predecessors and elevate them with extra features and flair. Let’s talk about why you should get one in the next section.

Why Get A Custom Cooler?

Personalized coolers can match your needs and style, providing superior cooling capabilities and a way to express your lifestyle.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should go for a custom cooler:

1. Aesthetics

Customizing your coolers is a way of expressing your aesthetic preferences. It allows you to tinker with various colors, designs, and patterns to represent your personality best.

2. Bonus Features

You can equip your cooler with extra features that’ll bring another layer of convenience to your trip. You can design your cooler to meet other requirements e.g., a mounted chopping board or a backup power stand. Your cooler can take new forms and functions as far as your creativity can take you.

3. Durability 

You can fashion your cooler box using high-grade materials and top-notch craftsmanship. Customizing coolers can help them stand the test of time better than standard coolers.

For example, Decked Out Factory customizes cooler pads using EVA foam to withstand harsh UV rays and saltwater damage. The Yeti custom cooler can be your perfect companion against unfavorable outdoor elements.

Cooler Customization Essentials

Learning the inner workings of customizing is ideal before taking on a cooler personalization project rolling.

Group of friends sitting around a coolerHere are some tips and info for your customization needs:

1. Popular Cooler Materials

Custom coolers are built using various materials to keep contents chilled and fresh all day.

The following are popular choices for making reliable and stylish coolers:

  • Metals: Metallic coolers boast a classic look and excellent temperature retention capabilities. However, aside from rusting, alternatives tend to be heavier.
  • Rotomolded Plastic: This material provides ideal insulation and superb durability, keeping contents cool against extreme temperatures. However, their bare weight can be too much for most people.
  • Foam and Fabric: Coolers made of foam and fabric are best for space issues since they are often collapsible. However, their insulation prowess isn’t as ideal as other materials.

Size and Capacity

Your needs dictate the size and capacity of your custom cooler box. It’s crucial to consider group sizes and the amount of food and drinks you will carry to your getaway.

For example, medium-sized coolers can serve their purpose well during a two-day road trip. On the other hand, if you’re embarking on a week-long sailing adventure, you better grab an extra-large cooler.

Accessorize and Improvise

Accessorizing your cooler adds to its appeal and provides services that can outdo any standard alternative.

Here are some of the best changes and accessories you can add to your cooler:

  • Custom Cooler Pads: Turn up your cooler’s style while keeping its contents cooler longer. There are highly-customizable and robust cooler pad options fusing functionality and fashion for more fantastic journeys.
  • Wheels and Handles: Ensure convenience by using custom rolling coolers instead of carrying a standard piece. Custom coolers on wheels with telescopic handles will make your life easier, especially when transporting boatloads.
  • Built-in Speakers: Drinking ice-cold beverages during tailgating trips is one thing. Playing your favorite tracks using your cooler? Simply magical.
  • Custom Cooler Cushions: This addition offers a comfy seating option for every outdoor scenario. Cooler cushions add another layer of protection and insulation to your container.

Accentuate Your Adventures with Custom Cooler Pad Tops

Use these tips and pointers to craft the most suitable custom cooler for your trips and travels.

Decked Out Factory only uses top-of-the-line EVA foam materials to create customizable yeti coolers and cooler pad tops. Customize your perfect cooling companion today.

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