Seadek Vs MarineMat : What is the Difference?

Seadek Vs MarineMat : What is the Difference?

Seadek Vs MarineMat 

Maintaining a boat today may not only be a hobby and lifestyle: it is a significant investment too that must be protected as much as possible. The deck of boats is one area where there are several ways you could go about protecting it. Even though boats are designed to operate for years, the right boat flooring option can make you and your passengers feel a lot safer going out on the lake or sea. Furthermore, if you drive your boat as often as we do, you might want to make them a little more personalized since you spend so much time on it. Thankfully, there are several ways you can achieve this. 

Marine Flooring Options

So many marine flooring options have come to the fore in the last decade. Thanks to technological advancements, the quality of materials used in making high-quality boat decking in recent years have never been better. Coupled with that, the installation methods have been improved considerably to match every customer’s needs and preferences. 

At this point, you might be wondering what your options are in terms of installing the best quality boat decking. Years ago, Seadek boat decking may be the clear winner. Nowadays, MarineMat boat decking appears to be the preferred option for many boat owners. And the reasons are not farfetched. 

Seadek Boat Decking Vs MarineMat Boat Decking

If you have been involved with a boat in the last two years, it’s likely that you already know or have heard of Seadek, one of the most recognizable deck boat manufacturers over the last decade. They have provided boat owners with their marine traction pad products for a very long time. Hence, it is not difficult to spot a boat with Seadek boat decking on it, but also not hard to find numerous opinions on Seadek decking options. 

When it comes to marine flooring options, many boat owners are not completely sold on the Seadek offerings. With the growing popularity of MarineMat flooring options, many boat owners are wondering which is better when they compare metrics such as pricing, ease of installation, personalization options, mat, non-skid boat flooring, etc. 

Even though Seadek makes a decent product, some really impressive marine flooring options will surely blow your mind away. Alternatives like MarineMat boat decking offer solid value for your money. Let’s compare the top boat decking options and see how they fare side by side. 

Choosing the Right Boat Flooring Option

When deciding the appropriate flooring options to be used on a boat deck, fabricators look for products that are easy to install, stylish, durable, and that require low maintenance. Also, the pricing should be flexible so that potential customers can be able to include the cost in all sizes of budgets.  

In addition to the above, the builder's preference may also dictate the boat decking options used, especially for the aftermarket and refurbished boat options. For instance, in the bass and aluminum deck markets, marine carpets are the most dominant player. 


4 Reasons why MarineMat is the Right Option for you

Wondering if there’s anything better than what’s on offer by Seadek? Here are 4 areas MarineMat comes up top when compared to Seadek decking options. 


Ease of Installation with Marine Mat

Like Seadek, MarineMat pads are peel and stick sheets. However, there’s one major difference in the MarineMat application that makes installation a breeze for anyone who’s going to be doing it themselves. 

If you have ever installed Seadek pads, then you understand how difficult it is to make sure they all go down straight. Once you stick a Seadek pad down, it’s not coming back up. 

MarineMat features a different type of adhesive that allows you to peel off and re-stick the pad down during the installation process. Once you have the pad in the right position, you can do a quick lock-in with a smooth object. The pad turns out just as secure as a Seadek pad but without the risk of potentially ruining your installation project with permanent misalignment. 

Very Good Quality 

MarineMat quality is very good and is right on par with anything on offer with Seadek. It does pass the eye test on quality when you look at a MarineMat carpet. The quality of MarineMat makes perfect sense when you discover they do some OEM works for some notable names in the boat manufacturing industry, including Seadek themselves. Yes, you read that right! Hence, don’t be surprised to find MarineMat on some high-end boats you sail with. 

Endless Customization Options

Customizable options for MarineMat are pretty much endless and it's one area it can easily compete with Seadek. In fact, boat owners who are big on personalization usually turn to MarineMat. 

Certainly, most of our clients are enthused about the flexibility and customizable nature of having us install MarineMat on their boats. They can do all sorts of patterns, colors, and custom work. The design and ordering process is very easy too. We can help you with a big template to enable you to make the correct measurements. From that, we can ship specifically cut sheets of MarineMat anywhere to any location in the US. 

Flexible Pricing Options

Performance and cost usually go hand in hand. The more expensive a comparable product is, the likely the level of performance. MarineMat is priced at a similar level to Seadek boat decking. But you have more flexibility in fitting MarineMat into your budget and by extension, better bang-for-your-bucks. 

With MarineMat options, you can decide where to cut corners to reduce the overall costs. You can decide to tune down your expectations on the fit, finish, or customizable options to fit your budget requirements. If you can live without a little more textured finish on a marine carpet, there’s no need for you to pay for it. MarineMat gives you the power to make that choice that you don't have with Seadek. 


Wrapping Up

MarineMat offers options that are hard to beat for anyone looking for something to rival Seadek pads. Customizable, performance, premium quality, you name it. Fishermen and anyone else looking for maximum durability can find MarineMat options that are tough and rugged to a fault. And let’s not forget, unlike Seadek, MarineMat ensures your money goes a long way. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Unlike Seadek which seems to occasionally struggle in customer service, we are ready and happy to discuss your boat decking needs and the MarineMat options available to you. Styles, fit, color, finish – you tell us what you want and let us worry about finding the perfect marine carpet for your bucks. 

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