Motorized boat speeding across the water

Making a Splash: Gator Step, the Revolutionary Decking Solution for Boats

 Motorized boat speeding across the water

Choosing the suitable decking material is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make as a boater. Your boat flooring needs a high-performance surface, whether cruising the Lake of the Ozarks or navigating choppy waters.

This article will guide you through choosing the ideal decking for your boat. In addition, we’ll introduce a revolutionary solution.

Read on and start sailing safely and in style.

Searching for The Best Decking Material for Boats

Boat builders and owners can explore an ocean of marine decking materials. The following are three of the most sought-after flooring options today.

1. Teak Decking

Teak decking is a choice for those who prefer stepping on classic nautical beauty. Boat owners choose it for its organic aesthetic, longevity, and grip. 

However, experience dictates that teak decks are maintenance heavy. Going with teak requires you to sand and oil regularly to preserve its allure and effectiveness.

2. Composite Decking

Composite decking is a modern take on flooring for boat decks. This material combines wood fibers or flour with plastic materials. It has the durability and elemental resistance of synthetic mats and the appeal of organic flooring. 

However, composite foam decking for boats may not look as authentic as natural wood. They would also need regular washing to maintain their appearance.

3. MarineMat Boat Decking

MarineMat foam decking is an ideal flooring for boat decks requiring minimal maintenance and providing maximum comfort.

This type of marine decking uses EVA foam which provides superb cushioning and anti-slip properties. As a result, it delivers comfort, functionality, and ease of maintenance. It’s UV stable and has exceptional resistance against mold and stains. 

4. Gator Step

Gator Step decking for boats is manufactured using premium, marine-grade EVA foam. Because it uses a special type of EVA, this decking option has better durability and traction than its predecessors. 

This non-skid boat decking has a superior grip. It protects whoever’s onboard from slipping and falling due to wet surfaces. Thanks to its revolutionary surface design, it optimizes flooring stability even if you’re skipping through rough waters.

Manufacturers like Decked Out Factory offer Gator Step and MarineMat foam decking options. Our UV-resistant mats are comfy, easy to clean, and customizable.

Gator Step: The Perfect Marine Flooring

Gator Step uses unique non-slip EVA and is designed to provide maximum stability against the roughest boating scenarios. There are several advantages to choosing it:

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  • Sea Safety: Gator Step’s remarkable non-skid properties will keep you safe during your boating adventures. It offers reliable traction, ensuring you can move around without worrying about slipping or falling.
  • Foot Comfort: This high-performance decking option makes your boating experience ultra comfortable. Its cushioned surface can absorb impact and minimize fatigue, ensuring relaxation while on the water.
  • Customizability: With Gator Step, you can dress your boat how you like. It comes in different colors. You can also tinker with its assorted textures and patterns to suit your style.
  • Noise Reduction: Rattling and clunking noises can get in the way of your boating experience. Gator Step solves this with its vibration and noise-dampening properties.

Installing Gator Step

You can install the Gator Step yourself or tap a professional. Here is what you need to consider:

  • DIY Approach: Installing your Gator Step can be enjoyable and fulfilling but could be complex and time-consuming. This approach requires meticulous measuring and precise cutting and fitting skills. If you’re up to the challenge, looking for a reliable DIY decking kit supplier will help guarantee your project’s success.
  • Pro-led Installation: Professional assistance is highly recommended for boat owners who prefer hassle-free installation. Working with certified marine decking installers is worth the investment. They have the tools and expertise to ensure your Gator Step perfectly fits. In turn, they will save you time and remove potential installation errors.

Maintaining Gator Step

Maintaining Gator Step is hassle-free, so you can enjoy more time boating rather than cleaning. That said, here are some reminders to help you maintain your Gator Step:

  • Regularly washing and cleaning your Gator Step is necessary to extend its service life and maximize functionality.
  • Harsh chemicals and severely pressurized power sprays can damage the Gator Step material and surface. Choose manufacturer-recommended cleaning products specifically designed for marine use.
  • Although Gator Step is UV-resistant, marine-grade UV sprays are recommended for added longevity.
  • Always check for signs of damage, wear, or hazards to ensure the safety of your deck and everyone on board.

Because of its minimal maintenance requirements, installing Gator Step is a no-brainer. It’s an easy-to-clean decking option that blows alternatives out of the water. With Gator Step, boaters with limited spare time are in for a ride. 

Choose the Perfect Partner for Your Decking Needs

Selecting the perfect decking material impacts your boat’s form and functionality.

The Decked Out Factory offers various customizable, stylish, and durable marine carpets and mats perfect for your boat. Our products provide years of service while ensuring aesthetic appeal and maximum comfort.

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