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DIY - Boat Decking Kits - Boat Sizing Template

DIY - Boat Decking Kits - Boat Sizing Template

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Ready to deck out your vessel? We offer DIY / do it yourself Boat Decking Kits! Yes, if you are hands on, and can install yourself we can ship you your customized boat.

There will be a few steps to get rolling, so please Checkout this file here to get started. Once you have our pdf download at checkout, please send in your photos HERE

Step 1 : Checkout with this digital file, you will receive in your email

Step 2 : Take photos per the digital download, and load HERE

Step 3 : We will send you the link to purchase your cut template we will then ship

Step 4 : Once the layout is confirmed, we will move forward on quoting your boat, customizing it, cutting it, and shipping it!

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