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Rugged and Unique: A Guide to Customizing Your Truck with Accessories

Unexpected road bumps, as well as dirt and debris that come with rough terrain, can ruin your ride. We’ve all been there.

You're cruising down the highway, feeling confident behind the wheel. Suddenly you hit a pothole. Your tools in the back start bouncing around, damaging your truck bed. Situations like this make you realize how handy truck accessories can be.

Cool truck accessories like Nerf bars, tool boxes, and tailgate foam pads can enhance your life on the road. We’ve compiled a list of accessories for truck owners to consider. Read on, and learn bonus tips and safety precautions that can help you find the best options.

10 Functional & Fun Truck Accessories to Rev Up Your Ride

Truck accessories and parts can do far more than make your vehicle look nice. They can also optimize the truck’s utility and enhance your driving experience. 

Check out these 10 must-have truck accessories for your next on- and off-road adventure.

  1. Nerf bars - These are long, sturdy tubes installed underneath the truck’s doors to provide a secure step for entry and exit. They also add a rugged, stylish look while serving as a protective barrier against dents and abrasions.
  2. Running boards - For those who struggle to enter and exit taller vehicles, running boards are a suitable alternative to Nerf bars. They have a larger and sturdier build with slip-resistant treads, preventing accidents in slick or moist conditions.
  3. Truck bed - This standard truck accessory adds ample space for transporting cargo, equipment, and other items. It’s usually made of steel or aluminum and can be fitted with a bed liner for extra protection.
  4. Air mattress - If you plan to camp or take long trips, an air mattress is a convenient addition to your truck bed. They’re easy to inflate and deflate. You can also opt for models with built-in pumps that let the mattress self-inflate.
  5. Mud flaps - These are custom truck add-ons to keep dirt and debris from damaging the truck’s paint or undercarriage. They attach to the rear wheel arches and are available in a variety of styles and colors.
  6. Lift kits - Lift kits can enhance your truck’s appearance while increasing its ground clearance. You can also use them to install larger tires, further improving your off-road performance.
  7. Floor mats - Floor mats protect your carpeting from dirt, mud, spills, and other debris that can accumulate on the floor. At Decked Out Factory, our mats are made of marine-grade rubber and can be personalized to add a unique touch to your truck’s interior.
  8. Towing mirrors - Attachable to the side mirrors, these provide an extended view of your blind spots. They facilitate movement when maneuvering your vehicle, lowering the risk of accidents and collisions.
  9. Toolboxes - These allow you to transport your gear and tools without losing or damaging them in transit. Mount one on the side or front of the truck bed for easy access.
  10. Tailgate mats - Tailgate mats are aftermarket truck parts that cushion and safeguard your tailgate. They’re easy to install and can instantly prevent scratches and dings caused by heavy loads when loading and unloading. 

Did you know? Some Decked Out mats have built-in cup holders, so you can enjoy your drinks during tailgate parties or other outdoor events. 

Truck Accessory Safety: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

When deciding on the right truck accessories for your truck and intended use, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Compatibility. Make sure the item you’re interested in fits your truck’s model. Check the manufacturer’s website or consult a knowledgeable vendor to ensure compatibility.
  • Purpose. What will you use the add-on for? For instance, extra-long truck bed accessories can come in handy if you often carry heavy loads. If camping is your thing, truck tailgate accessories like foam pads and mats are great choices.
  • Quality. Look for quality materials and sturdy construction, so your accessories can keep up with all your adventures. Don’t forget to read product reviews or solicit advice from your fellow truck owners to ensure product quality. 

We know you’re eager to deck out your truck with custom truck accessories, but be sure to do your homework before making any purchases. Compare reputable suppliers and check their warranty and return policies

And once you’ve got your hands on your new gear, keep safety in mind. 

Stick to weight limits and distribute your load evenly to prevent accidents or truck damage. Inspect your accessories for signs of wear or damage and replace them as necessary to ensure continued safety and functionality.

Deck out your next ride with us! Made with durability and quality in mind, we guarantee that your truck will be both safe and stunning. Check out our collection of tailgate accessories for trucks.

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